Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The boss had a Dr. Appt. today and while he was gone we had amateur day again. In his absents, we has some great action, placing a few birds in the pond. There was a mini push of birds and we made the most of it. There was 18 to 20 flocks, of Canada’s and 4 to 5 flocks, of ducks and 2 S&B’s. Now I guess I should tell you that we were in Canada’s 3 times taking 7 of them, got into a little flock of Greenwing Teal taking one of them, I didn’t shoot. We had a blue goose come in and we harvested it and a snow that didn’t even slow down and look at us. So when the boss got back to the pits we had 9 birds in the game bag.

Once he got back we got into the Canada’s two more times One flock we wiped out and the other was a nice flock of Cacklers and they Jigged when we thought they were going to Jagged and only one was harvested. The bag total was 10,1,1,1. That translates to: Ten big boys, One Sky Carp, One Little Cackler, and the little Teal For a year where we have not been able to have two days in a row, where we had a game bag worth talking about, today was a real thrill. Just have to say I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin.

Got home very late because we had birds to dress and other blind related chores to tend to, after the hunt, and I have a Grandkid to go watch play a basketball game so to have to close this.

As always say a prayer for the Boy and Girls, that are in harms way.

See Ya Carl

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Anonymous said...

My Boys and I had a GREAT time. Geese were everywhere and my 11 knows he got his first Goose! His big brother and I aren't so sure but we're not telling him....he's too excited!