Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Not much to report this evening about the hunting. Had a nice North West wind, with the absents of birds. Seen quite a few in the morning and thought we were in for a great day of migrating birds. Now we are wondering if it was birds that was setting in some of the wetlands restorations projects north of us, that moved because, they froze up, with this cold snap we had today.

However we do have some good news. The Boss got released from the hospital this afternoon. Their only explanation is, the Lipitor. They feel he has a allergy to it. Boy it hit him hard and made his so sick. I don’t know just when he will be allowed back in the pits, but am sure he will push it, just as far as he can. As you know the title of his book is “Born to Hunt”, and it has been said many times, that it is a great fit. I know I will be happy to see him back in his seat.

Must get this posted and do a couple of other projects, before bedtime.

So keep the troops in your prayers and check back. And maybe say one for the Boss, too.

See Ya Carl

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