Thursday, November 29, 2007

Even though we shot poorly, we still had a great shoot this morning. Would have had more if, we would have had just a little wind so the ice hole would have stayed open. There was at least 4 flocks that give us more than a great look and we just could not get them to finish without some wind. Most of the action was before it was goose time, so we consider them bonus birds. I think all was before noon.

I guess we should not complain it was a better day than yesterday when we had a outdoor writer there, and we could not get a goose to look at us. There is a storm, brewing up north and this was most likely the reason for this mini push we had today. We seen several flocks of Snows and Blues late this after noon, and as you would expect they didn’t give us a look. Very few ducks were spotted and very few even prompted us, to call.

However the bag included 10 Canada’s, not a bad bag for a short crew. Everyone that wanted birds got them. Weather sounds good for tomorrow, but that has not always proved to be a good day this season, but you would think this storm, would shake something loose. We keep hearing that, the ground is covered with birds, north of us, so maybe, just maybe, they will be showing up in this blow.

Have to get this posted so say a prayer for the Men and Women that are serving our country, this evening when you hit the sack

See Ya Carl

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