Monday, November 12, 2007

Well the boss is getting his stamina back. Over our objections he got into the lake today. He just set a few decoys. He claimed he was feeling just fine, when he got back to the pits, he did have some, of that dry cough. The cough did pass very fast and he held up pretty good, until we bailed out of the pits, and come in.

The skies contained many flocks of game today. Most was high and was moving very fast, south. This was mostly ducks but there were some geese, but not many. We could not get many ducks to put on the breaks, and give us a look. So we got plenty of practice on the horn today. We had only 1 Mallard drake and one big Canada, in the bag when we pulled up stakes, this afternoon.

We just can’t get any weather that makes you think it is fall. Had winds from the North today and it was cool, but still warmer than it should be. Tomorrow we have the wind back in the South, and warmer, again. We thought we heard that there was to be some snow in South Dakota, but I don’t think it ever got cold enough for snow.

The reports of numbers of birds that are setting in Sand Lake, are mind boggling. There is over 330,000 Snow and Blues there and more coming in everyday, so they have to start moving out soon. I don’t remember how many Mallards, but the interesting thing about the ducks was that there are still 1000’s of Pintails, still up that way. They should have been south of us 3 weeks ago. It is almost Thanksgiving, and have had ice on the lake only 3 mornings. That was not thick enough to talk about. Looking forward to having about 4 inches of ice and a nice hole filled with water, and thirsty mallards every where.

Well I guess I best quit dreaming and get this posted.

Say a little prayer for the troops tonight and please check back.

See Ya Carl

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