Friday, November 16, 2007

Today was a very short day. Had one hunter and he had to leave before 10:00. Before he left we had just two flocks of Geese. One flock was a flock of about 25 Specks. Almost Thanksgiving and we have Specks in our area yet. There has been reports of big numbers of Specks, still in the Dakota’s, but not sure we believed we would see them. The second flock of about 20 Cacklers. They gave us a pretty good look but we just could not get them to finish. Our guest left and I am not sure he made it all the way to his truck before we had a little flock of big Canada’s sail into our “No Fly Zone”, and most of them did fly out. We took only 1. Should of taken all of them. I picked on the most right bird and he come down, but another guy said he was shooting at that one too, but why would he pick on that one. I can not argue with him, because I moved to another bird when that one fell and finished unloading on the next bird and he didn’t come down.

We picked up and headed to the house after that shot.

Please keep the troops in your prayers and please check back

See Ya Carl

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