Saturday, November 17, 2007

Had very little wind today. So there was hardly anytime the lake that was looking appealing to migrating birds. However, we had a few ducks early before sunrise that offered a fly by. We were scanning the skies and tuning goose call, when the cry went up “Geese over the West Lake”. Eyes went left as we watched four Big Boys fly over that lake and made a slight flight adjustment, to the North Lake. Now remember this was before 8:30, and you just don’t decoy geese at that time a day. So we were not surprised when the by passed that lake too. There was just something, about this flock, that set a sense of anticipation, that these geese were ours. After a few toots on the horn and we leaned back and watch. Their wings were locked and very little back talk from them, with their landing gear was down. Passing over the pits heading for a short hook behind the blinds. We heard the boss give the command they are coming in from behind and get ready. The next sound come from them and you knew they were very very close, I am sure if you had good ears, you could have heard, the wind whisling over their wings, just before the command was given “TAKE EM”.

When the smoke poles were lowered there were 4 geese D.I.P. High fives and claims were passed around, and various versions of just what bird fell and when, and who’s shot hit what bird. I’m sure that three were my shots, but I refused to say anything, suggesting that. After all it was not a long shot, at maybe 25 yards.

Times like this is just why you go hunting. Was to have a picture, but it has not been sent to me as promised. I don’t know why I didn’t take my own picture, but didn’t. Sure would be nice to post it here tonight.

This is Saturday so must close and take Mama out on the town. Please remember the troops tonight at prayer time

See Ya and please check back


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