Friday, November 09, 2007

Well I need to update you on the progress here in Burt county Nebraska.

The first update has to be the boss. He is feeling better and is going to try coming to the pits tomorrow. He is supposed to show up without boots. And he better be obeying that order. I have to admit it will be very comforting to look over into the next pit and see him there. He has been missed,

There has been a shortage of birds for the past week, while Ralph has been sick. I have had some great help on most of the days, and I must say thank you to those guys, I really valued and appreciated your assistance. The days that I was without assistance, I have to say I’m Sorry I didn’t do better. I owe some people a few shell that they wasted, on a few impossible shots. They are trying to say I missed in a non-call today, but they have no proof, that the bird was close enough, so I still am saying, there wrong.

As for the action in the pits the past couple of days I think there has been just one duck taken since the last posting. That bird was a pintail and just think about that. Almost the middle of November and we still have pintails in the area. I hear there are good numbers of them, still in So Dakota.

One of there days we are going to have a push of birds, that is going to blow your mind. Sure hope we have the hunters so we can take advantage of the push.

Till I post another report, keep the troops in you prayers

See Ya Carl

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