Monday, November 26, 2007

Well the smoke flew, the powder burned, and the trash had more empty shell boxes in tonight. Another very exciting and memorable day on south lake. I know I do not have the ability to describe the sight from the skies we had today.

The Cacklers were on the move. There is a love hate situation between them and me. They have a ability to keep you from getting other birds in for a shot, especially the big Canada, but you just have to love to hear and watch them when they decoy into your spread. They are not to fawn of our lake, so we may have not harvested, as many as we wished we could, but that does not take away from the pure excitement, they radiate when you have a hundred of them little aggravating SOB’s Chirping right over your head. I know we had to see over 30 flocks, of them today. Had several flocks that decoy, to us, but you just don’t get into them to often. When they are decoying, they all get to hollering like a bunch of Guinea’s, and if that don’t get the excitement juices flowing, I don’t know just what does. One flock made the mistake and got to close and we took 5 out of it.

We also got into the big ones again today. If memory serves me right we was into the big boys three times, and the Cacklers one time today. Had 19 or 20 birds in the game bag at days end.

The picture at the top is three of the guests, which were in my pit today. The two young men were a treat to hunt with, and the young lady has graced our lake before and is a very serious hunter. The young man on the right has a little Cackler in his right hand. For the noise they make there is not much of a bird there. Remember you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

Well as always please say a prayer for all the troops, that are serving our nation, in your bed time prayer tonight.

Also please check back and we will be seeing ya Carl

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