Saturday, November 24, 2007

The pictures gives you an idea as to what today’s action was all about. I am finding there is many that are not aware, that you can click on the picture. This makes it fills your screen. Then you can scroll left and right as well as up and down, if you wish. This works on all picture that have or will be posted.

As you can expect there were a few empty shell boxes in the trash today. The ducks were we not to being seen, but the big boys gave us a wonderful and thrilling day.

We got a early start on them and they slowed down, shortly after noon but the time in between we a great time. Not sure just how many time we went into action, but am sure it was close to a half dozen times. Never was there a time when we shot as well as we did on Thanksgiving day, when we had nine guns and took 9 birds, but there was some good harvesting on flocks. There was no real big geese, but there was no little ones either. With the absents of ducks to be seen, the ‘water crew’ pulled all the ducks decoys. This was done partly because the direction of the wind. With the ducks decoys setting where they should be set, the Canada’s would not come up over us for a shot, so they took them out of the water. Then all the action, was all out in front or right up above the pits. Every go-a-round, was a great shot.

I just have to tell you of one flock. There was at least 30 birds in it, and were not getting down, for a good a shot. They were coming into the ‘no fly zone’ again, the boss was ‘talking his thoughts’ when he said “now get down” and like on command, they lowered their landing gear and cupped their wing, a little more and got down. After a couple of toots on his horn, then gave the command “take’em”. When the smoke cleared we had 11 down and 9 D I P. The two sailed, to the north end of the farm and Kevin and I, gathered them up with the golf cart. What memorable shot. When they dropped from about 50 yds. high to maybe 20 yds. in just a mater of seconds, was a great sight.

The game bag held over 30 of the big boys, not a bad, shoot. All The hunters left with big smiles on their faces and birds in their hands, again today.

Say a prayer for all of our hero’s, that serve this country tonight, in your prayers.

See ya Carl

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