Saturday, November 10, 2007

Was a great day in the pits today. Wasn’t the shooting, but the boss got back in his chair. He did violate the “No Boot Rule” but he did stay out of the water. I know the decoy setting was not as good as he said it was, but he did tolerate it for today. The wind is forecast to go to the North tomorrow, so lets see what happens then. He did get tired out, but wanted to stick it out until every one called it a day. You could see he was tired, when we called it quits. He says he feels well but with this weight loss is just weak. I know it was a good feeling for me, to look over there and see him back in his chair. Sure hope we didn’t over do it today.

Thought for a while we were going have a great welcoming back party for him. The movement has been very slow, but early morning we had about 15 Snows and Blues come off the river and sailed right over our lake. We had them sawing their tune, and was looking like we were about to go into action, when a truck went down the road and got them a little nervous and they flew out. However, they did come back a couple of times but never really setteled down and done a good decoy job again.

Did see another nice flock, of about 75-100 of Snows and Blues. They come in from the north and settled into a field just north west of us. That was just a little exciting, that there were some of them that was feeding in our area. Now if we could get a few of them that is up around the north-south Dakota state line to start drifting this way, before some storm pushes all of them out, in one big flock, we could have some good hunting.

The rest of the day’s action comprised, of a pintail drake, a Gadwall, and one Mallard. Not much of a bag for this time of year. There are so few ducks, but reports are there is plenty of them in the Dakota’s, so one of these days, they have to come through here, get to their wintering grounds.

Please remember all our hero’s in this evening prayer. They are in need of our support.

Please check back again

See Ya Carl

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