Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Tuesday.  Was a very frustrating day.  We have proved that we are in the middle of the Snow and Blue, spring flyway today.  The evidence for this statement is why it was a frustrating day, here is what I was speaking of.  Here are estimates of course, but we decoyed between 50-70,000 birds and seen around 300,000 birds, fly over the pits.  After all of this activity we kill just 3 birds. Was so frustrating.  First part of the day we had no wind so we could blame their action on the fact there was no wind, but after about 2:30 we had ample wind, but still could not get them lower than 150 yards, and shotgun don't shoot that far.  
At about 4:30 we had about 300-350 bird flock, that give us a great show, and all, were decoying in great.  Had 5 that were settling in faster than, the rest of the flock.  Anyway with the experience, from the many hours of a frustrating day, we went on four of the five that had got into gun range.  Of course as it happens in cases likes this, every one shot at the closest two and the two other were crippled but made it so far out we could not find them.  But at least it did put a little luster on a bad day.
Well we are into the busy part of this spring hunt starting tomorrow, and the birds are on the move, so expecting, to be posting more favorable report in the future.  
Say a prayer for the young ones that are in harms way tonight and please check back
See ya.  Carl    

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