Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Two in One

Very slim crew today. Was surprised by some early morning birds this morning.  Was legal but visibility was still not the best.  Had a big flock of birds, maybe 100, setting in the decoys.  Then a guy had to get out, and these birds flushed and then rolled back over the blinds.  We had a shot but only the guy that was out,  knew what was going on, and they escaped, unmolested. They had to be setting on the bar just go the east of the decoys.  Had a very light south wind.  
Tuesday. Total bag was 9
 Sorry about not finishing and posting the above report.  But I fell asleep very early last evening.  Strange thing happened, I still slept, most of the night.   Didn't even get the pad plugged in to charge.  But have a charger out at the blind, so if that happened I can recover, during the day.  
Now to today:::::   Have a group of pheasant hunters setting in the pit today. As always, they are claiming to be, excellent shots.  So let hope they can prove their skills, and help us with getting this already good spring hunt into the, "excellent category", for this last season, for the boss.
10:10::::  we got into the first flock.  The stubble duck hunters still have not proved them self's yet.  Was a tough shot but nothing great happened.   11:05 the pheasant hunter went into action, second go-a-round, redeemed themselves a little.  They took 4 of 5 just before they left the blind.  Since they left they we have had, two more go-a-round.  Think the bag is at 15.          
Please remember the troops in your prayers, tonight.  Also if you can find the time please check back.
See ya,    Carl