Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Two Days in One

Monday's report will be back to the days when we first started this.  Most of the info, I will gather for this will be, by phone.  My misses has Dr appointment in Fremont so I bailed at about 11:00.  
We opened the day with a flurry before old Sol broke the horizon in the morning, with a lone snow come dropping in to our music.  Shorter crew this morning that yesterday, but still proved to be deadly crew.  Doing something this spring, that we failed to do last fall.  We had ducks buzzing around.  Good to see that too.
They had plenty of carp decoy but, there was no wind and that make it tough to get a shot.  They only harvested the one bird

  Tuesday report.  Today the weather was just the opposite, of yesterday.  A very strong  cold wind out of the north east.  Early in the day we had 4 singles, decoy in and we harvested them as each appeared.  As the day went on, the winds got stronger, temp dropped.  Topping off in the high 40's MPH. Then we had a nice flock, decoy in, we had a very long shot on those.  Not bragging but we did get a couple more.  Then we tried taking them in the chest out the back and up.  The problem there is, to get everyone turned around.  And then only the fastest shooters are the only one that has a shot.  Boy, do they ever get out of there fast.   A bunch of powder burnt today but only 10 in the bag, and one of them we didn't find to put in the bag.  At about, 4:00 we noticed the rain started, before we got to the parking lot, the wipers were needed.  Before I got home it was snowing. The skies were, most of the day we had a great Arial show of ducks. and it was a mixed bag of species.  We even had a Canvasback drake, setting back behind the blinds,  He was so pretty.  Think that was as close I have ever been to one.  We even checked the book to make sure we had the right bird. It was not a Redhead.   
Will admit I had some blind food shopping to do before I went home.  Talked to a friend down at the grocery store, he said he was working on the bottom, just south east of the pits, maybe 6-7 miles as the crow flies.  He was saying the fields are loaded with snows down they had kept building up from late morning until he left the area, just minutes prior to our conversation.
Please check back, and remember the troops in your evening prayers.
See ya.  Carl.  

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