Saturday, March 15, 2014

Second of Two in a Row

Saturday,  latest  from yesterday; the total bag had 61 birds in it.  Had some stragglers that stayed a little longer at the pits and they got into another flock and picked up a cripple bringing the total up a little more, to 61 
Got another crew that are talking of drawing blood. I am anxious to see it they are all talk or are really a deadly crew.  
About noon; have maybe 15 in the bag. The Crew, I am not sure of yet.  Have had a few fly outs, but all of the birds have been in small bunches. 1-5 birds.  However they have provided some pretty decoying as they drop, into the spread.  As we get closer to the mid point of the day, the flocks seam to be getting bigger.  
One O'Clock report,  we wiped out a whole flock of eleven.  That is the larges flock we have had today so far.  This blood thirsty bunch are getting deadly.  Earlier there was a pair that one left, I say untouched, now we slaughter a whole flock of eleven.  
One twenty O'Clock the exterminators took 15 out of a flock of under 20 birds. right after this go a round the wind changed, so it was right out of the east and you could not get a bird close to the decoys.  We bailed at about 5:00.  There were a few stragglers, we left behind.  Momma and I met up with another hunter and his wife, and we fed and watered our sweeties, and he said he ended up with 22 birds to dress, so I went and helped him breast them out. That is why this report is so late.  Feeling pretty good, about this lake, because we have had back to back days, with the bird count over sixty birds each day.  Sure is hard on the ammo supply box.  My blind had one of those 10 quart bucket, filled with empties, with the overflow deposited in the waste paper basket.  It is very possible that my blind alone could have easily, shot 2 cases of shells today.  These last two days, have been a couple great days of hunting.  
Best to get this posted so as always remember the troops in your prayers tonight, and also please check back.
See ya.    Carl 

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