Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snow, Slow and a few shots

We were greeted with an overnight snow fall, this morning.  Looked like it may have been at least 1.5 inches.  Where ever it hit the ground it melted, but if there was some grass or other things, it landed on, that was affected by the air temp we had snow on it.  So our decoys were all white, even it they were blues.  But, old Sol, changed all that in a short order as soon he got on the job.   
Just minutes after legal we had a loaner come in, and took a little ammo to down him, but one  round hit the mark, dumping him out in the decoys, in the lake.  Well with all of this commotion, there was one snow in the decoys, and as soon as a dog was turned out, for the retrieve, this bird, made a fatal move of trying, "the into the wind escape", didn't work.   This action was soon followed by, a flock of 40-50 that made an angering making flight right over, the pit.  Then rolled back, dropping a few yards, then come right up the alley in front.  The crew made them pay, for this, not to wise move. 
As I think most of you know that this is the bosses last HURRAH.  When this spring season closes Ralph will be hanging up his career as a waterfowl guide.  Yes, he will be missed by hunters from all across this lower 48 states, and big time here in the Midwest.  So this coming April he and Dorothy are winging their way to Southern California, out to where both of their daughters, now live.  We have to wish them nothing but happiness in their new environment, of palm trees, sunshine and family.  But before they go, they are having an auction, on April 6th.  To check out what is on the auction, here is the info you need to read the their sale bill. Enter this address:  Once you get on that page I am sure you can get to the bill, but here are directions just in case.  In the upper left corner you will see Ralph & Dorothy retirement auction.  Under that there is a place to click your mouse on "Complete Sale Bill" and another for pictures of most of the furniture they are selling.  If you are a collector of decoys note there are a few antique decoys, including a few of the K&W decoys.  
Well remember the troop in your prayers tonight and if possible, please check back.  If interested in one last hunt with the legend, best get heading this way.
See ya.     Carl 

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