Sunday, March 09, 2014


The day started with a pretty sunrise, then, we graduating to a big show of Canada's, Whitefronts, and a few ducks.  Then as the morning progressed we were seeing a few of those snows and blues moving up from the south.  Had a couple heart breakers that looked so good then roll out and moved on.  About noon, new time, we had several flocks join together totaling to about 500 birds that give us the most beautiful, decoy job.  We had a south west wind and they were right out in front so we all, could watch as we were all, getting excited as they settled down towards our decoys.  Had a great shot.  Not sure why I stopped shooting, with two shell still in my gun.
The watch watchers said it was 12:08 on the dot when the command was given.  Was a great shot, followed by another two near misses.  Second go-a-round was not as satisfactory as the first round. But there is a good wind, so they get out fast.  But we took 10 the first bunch then only, one on second.  All afternoon we experience, higher and higher wind, longer shot and they were turning out so fast so best be happy with what we got.  
Have to inject, we decoyed almost every flock we seen today, and got into about half of the flock we decoyed. Great size flocks, most were 100-500 size. Had some great sights.  That is the fun of hunting the Snows&Blues.  When you can watch their decoying they excite you beyond, what I can describe.  With a good wind like today, and their ability to just stand up there and look things over not committing then committing and dropping a few feet, float left then float right, and stiff wings, not beating, brings your excitement lever, nearing the wet underwear point.  It was one of those days.
Plan to post a picture, of some of what we took, not all. I think we were near 25 for a total.  
Remember the troops in your you nightly prayers 
See ya and just incase you need to know, I would not miss tomorrow for nuttin.  

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