Saturday, March 08, 2014


We started the hunting this morning. Chased S&B's out when the first people went in.  From the parking lot it sounded like a big group.  I guessed around 75-100 birds.  But that was to far to see so going by just sound.  
Kevin hunted yesterday out here and done a little touching up as he hunted.   Any way he seen several bunches.  Said he killed 4 snows yesterday.  I know one bunch he killed just one out of it so not sure how many flock he had got into gun range.  The latest report on Kevin's hunt.  He totaled four birds from three go-a-rounds.
The weather is a little chilly this morning.  Making me the think that maybe the birds Kevin was seeing was moving on the account of this front of cold we have today.  So if that is the case that should be the case tomorrow could be a very good day.  With the temps predicted to be in the low 60° and reports of 750,000 geese piling into Squaw Creek Reserve yesterday, we just have to see birds tomorrow.  Should also say and a weather forecast of favorable temp for the next ten days.  Make me want to say "I WOULDN'T MISS TOMORROW FOR NUTTIN".
Well this is Saturday night, the night when I have to go feed and water the ol' lady, so best get this posted.
Be sure to include the troops tonight, in your bed time prayers
See ya.    Carl

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