Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Picture and a tough hunt

Tuesday.  Again we had birds in the lake when the early crew hit the blinds.  But what was different about this morning was the fact that not all left.  We had a crew that done a decoy sweep. Bringing back birds, 4 white birds.  There were three Ross geese in the group.  
The birds were tough today.  They would decoy then pull out like there was nothing for them there.  We took a couple long shot and then a couple loners and ended up with twenty birds total.
I am posting a picture, with this report.  The mounted goose was shot at Kohlers back a few years back.  We had no idea what was, then found out it was a hybrid, cross between a Canada and domestic goose.  I come into our spread, with three other Canada's.  Well it landed in Dan Cambridge's freezer for him to mount this birds.  Dan, brought it with him, when he come up to hunt.  Not sure if my readers are interested, but felt it was interesting enough that I should post this picture of this beautiful bird.  Dan done a fantastic job with the bird.  Hope you enjoy.
Remember the young men and women, that serve our country, tonight in your prayers and please take time to check back
                                 See ya    Carl       

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