Sunday, March 16, 2014


Sunday,  we were greeted by a lake full of birds, when the first wave of hunter hit the lake. Estimates were nearing 2500-3000.  Of course they took to the air, they come back.  Was a very nerve wracking set, till legal time.  Had several pre legal possible shots, but we sat though every pass, with chattering teeth.  When the boss said OK we are legal they must have heard him, because the passes over the blinds went from 45 to 75 yards high.  After many agonizing minutes and passes, they made a fatal mistake.  Think we took 10-11, was a tall shot, but no one complained.   Been into birds a couple other times, by nine O'clock we had over twenty in the bag. Harvested a loaner of two to get the total up.
We had the wind again get in the East and the birds, become very difficult, to decoy, when this happens.  I understand we had 26 in the bag when we pulled the plug.
Do not forget your prayer for the troops tonight.  
Do check back, please.  See ya.    Carl   

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