Saturday, March 22, 2014


Had another load, people wise, on Saturday.  Got a good sunrise shot, this morning.  Starting  about mid morning we stared decoying flocks.  Shooting was pretty good.  Keeping time of the flocks, and cooking conflicted, so we cooked and shot, forget times of flocks.  But the gang was whittling the birds out of each flock, so I just kept on cooking.  Had a strong north wind, about 20 MPN with the temp down the freezing mark or below, and it was keep the blind cold to me, most of the afternoon.  
Third biggest kill of the season and plenty of powder burn't, getting it done, today.  Bigger percent of the birds we harvested today were juvies, today.  Had some great decoying sights, but that always the case when you have strong winds.
As always, please say a prayer for the troops and let's see if I can't get a better posting together for tomorrow.  Be sure to check back, to see how we are progressing.
See ya.  Carl  

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