Sunday, March 23, 2014

They were not to plentiful today

Was a slow day, most if the time.  We took three out of the decoys shortly after legal, then throughout the morning we picked a up a cripple here and there.  Then the boss left us amateur, there alone. The best shot of the day occurred.  Spotted birds high-high, coming over the lake,  we talked them right down in here, at break neck speed.  Got a little scared that we may not get a better shot and took a tall shot, with pretty good results.  We knocked 4 down but have not found, one of them yet.   Sure he hit just on the edge of the decoys.  Will do a better sweep latter.
Had grandson and his dog, could not locate the elusive bird.  Can not believe he caught wing and escaped.  I was looking right at him, before I shouldered my gun, and he looked dead, when I seen him falling.  Only bird, that went down, in that area, of the lake.  Just can't believe he could have flew out.
Posting a picture. of Saturdays sunrise.  so sorry but i love the sun on the horizon pictures 
Say a prayer for our hero tonight, when you say your bedtime prayers.  Also check back if ya find the time
See ya.    Carl    

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