Friday, March 21, 2014

Slow but still a good day

Friday, have a load in the pits today,  think we are one hunter short of the Maximum.  Shortly after legal a 4 pack come in they made short work of them.
Not what I would call fast action, where you have a sky full of flocks, today.  We just had a slow flow of flocks. And almost all would give us a look.  Just didn't seam like to many, but the numbers in the bag was climbing and climbing.  Most of the time they were small flocks, so no big kill.  Around 2:00 we had a flock 35-40 of just Ross's that the crew got after pretty good.  At the same minutes, we had a huge flock high over head, of about 200, that was decoying hard, but as you know a bird in the hand is much better that two in the sky.  If only they were, separated by a few minutes, and we could have worked over, both flocks. 
After yesterday and no wind was so nice to have a 30MPH winds this afternoon. Much easier working the birds.  Sounds like there is cooler weather moving in for the weekend.  I was surprised with the number of birds we harvested today.  Only had on flock of any size, but when we counted the birds we had nearly 45 birds.  I was shocked.  
As you know the Kohler's are moving to California, the first part on next month.  The night before they fly out we are having a farewell party for them at ANTHONY'S in Omaha. As you can see below Anthony's are wanting to know how many to plan on for the size of our party room and help to serve us, so we are asking you if going to please respond back, and we will get the total to them.  
We have made reservations at the following for “Kohler’s Farewell Dinner”
What: Kohler’s Farewell Dinner
When : Monday, April 7, 2014
Where: Anthony’s Restaurant, 72nd & F Street, Omaha, NE (402-331-7575)
Time: 6:00PM Arrival, 6:30PM Dinner
RSVP: Please RSVP to Carl Marhenke at 402-870-1728 or Scott Houston 402-297-8600.
Dinner: We will be choosing our dinners off the Anthony’s Menu.
Well, say a little pray for the kids that are defending our country again tonight. Also please check back in.  See ya.    Carl   

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