Monday, March 17, 2014

Still having good hunting

Monday.   The first thing is we are now departing the cafe at 6:00.  Have been leaving at 6:30, so a half hour jump this time.  
Had birds in the lake, again this morning.  Early arrivals said they were in the thousands, but the flock that returned was not that large, but they may not all have returned in one flock. Did get into that flock.  Was not a close a shot, but the guys did take about 10.  
Hard luck come our way at about 10:00.  We had ONE HUGE flock decoy to us.  About 4000 or so were down extremely low.  Below 20 yards and we needed them another 20 yards south of where they were and we would have had them where we could really worked them over big time.  They were thick and low, just how I like them, maybe needed 10 more seconds, we had an eagle fly right over the flock.  Then we got them back working again, not near ready for a shot this time,  but we had them settled down again, and here comes life flight helicopter, flying up the highway behind us.  If we could of had a few more seconds on the first round we would have still been picking up when life flight come by.  We have the stiff south wind today and you just have to get them up wind to get a shot.  
Several more near misses, all were huge flocks.  Not sure if they are feeding geese in the area, of if we have birds moving, back from the north due pending weather, north of us. At about 11:00 there was a flock I am guessing 3000 birds, about a quarter of them, got down and thick, giving  a fair shot.  At this point they picked up 30.  Boy did they ever get tough, to pull in this afternoon.  We got reports that there is snow forecast for almost of all of South Dakota over the next couple days.  That may explain just why we are witnessing this flow of bird from the north.  We have had a great last few days, if this, weather report is true, maybe we will have a few more days, of great hunting.  Think today was a 45 in the bag.  
As always say a prayer for the troops tonight and every night. 
And please, take the time to check back.   
See ya.    Carl   

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