Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday morning.  Was understanding there was to be moisture over the night and they missed it.  I am not upset over that, when hunting, mud means hard work, Not the most energetic man, any more, so I love that.  Arriving at the lake, and out of the affect of no street lights, we could see clear shies.  Smile number two. Old Sol got to shining bright, and that gave the reason for smile number three.
About 8:00 we started seeing birds. Most were dark, but that is not a bad sign, most of the time when see geese you see all kinds of geese.   As the day went on the bigger the flocks got. The dark ones were low, but the S&B's were high, high.  We could turn them, but was not successful of getting them in.  We did pick up a straggler here and there.  But getting the flocks was just a dream. Later in the afternoon we could every once in a while get one or two in. Not making a big assault on the goose population but we are killing a few each day.  Was tough hunting today, never got a large flock down much less down and in. Less than 20 birds in the bag. But we will give them our best, in the morning.  Tomorrow right now is sounding like a day when you should have a seat in the pits.  Nice but windy with, the wind out of the northwest 20-30 MPH. that prompts me to say. "Why I wouldn't miss tomorrow for nuttin 
So remember the troops tonight in your prayers, as always, and please take the time to check back if you can.
See ya.     Carl

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