Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another absentee report

Another report by phone.  I had some things to get done at home, there also was some need for a seat so I come home, after we had everyone in their seat.  I had said that was the way I was planning on doing this spring.  We had some one to run the ground sound system, so I skipped out on them.  Had some work to do on both my bee hive as well as my hunting van.  Both got done bees protected and the van a little more organized.  A couple items I was looking for in the van located. 
This morning when the first people reached the parking lot they could hear the geese in the lake.  Conservative estimate 1000 plus birds of course getting everyone in with out them leaving, was impossible.  
My first report from the lake, that they had 5 in the bag, and not all were from the same flock. All the time I was out in the yard, couple of hours, I did not see or hear a bird.  However at about 8:30 I had a mission down town and there was a flock passing over town at an angle that had to pass the lake, so guessing that is when some of the bag birds were bagged. 
Report from the blind, at shortly after 2:00 got into another flock, were picking up yet so number was not reportable.  Sure all know that it is legal for plugs to be removed on the spring hunts.  With 20 plus guns could have been 100 shells went off, so let's see.
Latest report was, 12 birds in bag.  No good answer on number of go a rounds, but it is action.
Please check back, on the progress at the pits.  Also please say a little prayer for the troops, too.
See ya.    Carl  

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