Tuesday, November 28, 2006

After a day, of hundreds of Canada’s, and ducks, and thousands of Snow and Blues, having some of all of them, make an attempt to decoy with very little luck, the day was winding down to be a very frustrating day. Then at about 4:15 some one said “there is a flock of Canada’s coming over the cabin trees”. Again the boss was forces to say, “Now that bunch should decoy”, just he had several times earlier. Well then the command was given to get down, and a couple of minutes the orchestra fired up. And again I think that was more formality than any thought, that this bunch was going to be anything different than the other several dozen’s of flocks, that the same steps had been taken with no success, through out the day. But this flock was different. There was three flocks totaling to about 50 birds. When they started hearing, our sweet music, they acted different, they first locked up, like several flocks had earlier in the day, but then they started “corn shucking”. First there was one then may two or three, then maybe a dozen at a time was, dumping air, as they tumbled and floated, to where they could turn back into the wind, so they could pump back up. to the decoys.

They were all hollering, all the way. When they rounded the point to the south of my pit, I had my crew ready to spring into action. Ol’ War Eagle was lock firmly in my hand with only one shell places in his action, where there is usually at least three. See he hasn’t been performing to good lately, so I am down too one shell. My shaking hands have his forearm, making this rattling sound, like an air impact wrench on a rusty bolt, as these old dude are pumping toward the decks. They were only about 10 yards off the water and out about 25 to 35 yards. Then the command was given to “TAKEM” I sprang from my seat, at the speed of syrup dripping from a pitcher, picking out the third bird back on the out side. Being fully aware that the first shot is also the last shot for me. As I squeezed the trigger, and the load was launched. I went into shock, because the damn bird fell. Now the questions is, am I the only one that was shooting at that bird, I am not even going to ask, HE’S MINE. Now there is a lake full of downed birds, as we quickly start counting, watching, as the flock fly away. There is 4 belly up 5 swimmers and a sailor going in, across the pond. We one GREAT shot to end the day, that was once filled, hope, heart break and frustrations, it is now filled with high fives, and cheers.

We had one other Canada and a hand full of ducks on the bag before this shot.

I must say, that I have a gentleman in my pit that has traveled a great distance, on his first waterfowl hunt in Nebraska and it may also be his first waterfowl hunt, period. It is needless to say he was thrilled, even if he didn’t get to see the antic, they preformed in the air.

Remember all the troops in your bed time prayers tonight.

See Ya and please check back


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