Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another slow day in the pits. However, the weather forecast is for a good shoot tomorrow, so says everyone except me. We are to have a pretty good wind out of the Northwest, and they are even talking about some snow North of us. My forecast is for a great a cooking and eating day. So we will see, who is the nearest right.

Today we had hunters from Ohio and Indiana, and could not get then a shot. I know that all has to change one of these days. The bird count in very high, in all areas from Canada down to us. The reports say, there is large of ducks still in Canada. They all have to come sometime.

I keep forgetting to say that we are leaving the Café at 5:45. And while on the Café, I have to tell you that she is not opening the day after Thanksgiving. I will be in front of there in case there is someone that don’t know the way to the pits.

Hoping for a more exciting report, Tomorrow, so check back

Say a little prayer for the boys and girls that are protecting us, all around this old world, and please asked for some comfort for their families too.

See Ya Carl

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