Saturday, November 04, 2006

No action at the pits today. But when it is the 4th of November and it is still getting into the 60’s for a high for the day, the birds just don’t want to move. They like it just a little colder to make them happy. Spotted just a few ducks and just a few geese. I suppose the geese were our local birds and they know just where every spread is.

However I still have a story for you. This one I was supposed to write yesterday but this old man’s memory was just a little bad and I forgot.


This hunt took place on Nov 3 1974. I was to be home by 2:00 for my Daughters 10 birthday party. It was a Sunday and we had a pretty good duck shoot in the early morning, but there was some huge flocks of Snows and Blues, on the move. There is a dispute between Ralph and I, on some of the facts, but I know I am right.

Ralph kept saying if we would just move to the other side we could get into some of those geese. Finally he and his crew moved to the pits on the West side. At about 12:00 noon they got into a small flock of 8 geese, on that side, and took 5 and the other 3 come across the lake and we harvested the other 3 on the East side. Ralph’s crew was from Minnesota, and had to head back home. (My story) This made it so there was enough room for everyone on the West side. ( Ralph’s story) The rest of us would not move earlier. So everyone move to the West side, and we got settled in. Wasn’t long before we were into another flock of S&B’s. That was the last time, we had everyone back in the blinds for a go-round on birds. There was always someone still chasing and picking up birds, when the next shot, was called.

When the day ended we had a BIG BAG of geese. 64 was the count. And all taken after noon. Shells were at a premium, as the day come to a close, some people would shoot only one shot at a flock some chose to shoot two shots. There are several stories inside of this story but not enough time for any of them.

You will have to buy my book for them. It ain’t been rite yet, but I’m working on it.

We find out latter, that Kohler’s was the only spread, that was getting into them birds that day on the Tekamah bottom. There will never be a day like it again. There has been days when more birds were taken, but there will never be a day when you will take that many or more birds in that little time, when shooting was that often, when you have such huge flocks decoying to you at the same time and so little time between flocks. It was an unbelievable time, day, shoot. My daughter don’t remember her birthday near as well as I do.

Say a little prayer for the troops tonight

See Ya and Check back


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