Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We had a nice strong wind from the NW, but we still had a very heavy cloud cover. Never did get any clearing of the skies, like they said we were to get.

We may have seen a record number of ducks today. With the clouds so heavy and low and the ducks seem, suddenly appear from know where, so we have no idea just how many that flew over that we didn’t see. There were literally clouds of ducks. Pappa Goose, says he has not seen so many ducks, in years and years. I will not guess on the number of Mallards we seen. We have not seen any Mallards for so long, either spring or fall that we didn’t believe there were any anymore. Well today did put our minds to eases a little on that issue, if the next reports say there is still some ducks up north, we will be in fine shape. We had reports that there, was still Mallards in Canada this past week, as well as big number in both of the Dakota’s. So if these all come from South Dakota, we may have as many ducks as they have been saying we do. Let’s hope that is true.

Now you are going to say just why didn’t you harvest a limit today.
Well as always when ever there is low cloud cover , they are just spooky. We were no worst off than any other blinds around, because they were not shooting any more than we were. I think we had about 20 ducks, 2 Canada’s, and 15 broken hearts when we closed up. Also lets hope that some of them, stay in the areas for a while, so we can have a good shoot one of these days.

We also had some real bad luck on Canada’s, but the real heart breaker was. We were closing up the pits (about 10 Minutes early), gun in cases, garbage bags laying around, blinds flaps up, people out running around, and Canada’s decoying and no one aware of them till we heard then. That is the sixth time this season that we have been caught, leaving and not off the premises and Canada’s trying to get into the lake. Maybe, just maybe, when we get a little older, we will know better.

Must get this posted. Say a prayer for all the Kids that are protecting us, here in our great nation.

See Ya and Check back


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