Saturday, November 18, 2006

The morning was cold and foggy. Sure put a coat of frost on all the decoys too. Had a lake full of ice and it just has to warm up everyday and melt all the ice so, we are not building any thick ice. When that gets formed we will have a good water hole every morning.

Other wise the day got started with just a few duck floating around the area, and a little later we started seeing some Canada’s get on the move South. We did decoy a couple of flocks, before they quit flying, but unfortunately were not blessed with any wind before then and had no water hole for then to get into, so they moved on. We did talk-in one Canada, and harvested him.

We did have two small flocks of ducks that tried to fly through out curtain of steel, with little success. There was a flock of three and only one escaped, and on another flock they were even less fortunate. That Flock there was just two Mallard Drakes and they were rendered DIP in short order. (for those that don’t know, that means Dead In Pond) I even have a feeling I was responsible for one of them. Now, I am not real sure but I think, I am back on track, with my shooting.

Well this is Saturday night, and that is the night I have to go Feed and Water, Mother. So to stay on her good side I must shut this down and get cleaned up for that job.

Say a prayer for all the troops tonight.

See Ya Carl

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