Friday, November 17, 2006

Was a day that we have been hoping for in the weather category. Clears skies and strong North West winds. This we thought, was the receipt for a great Canada shoot. Had everything, but the birds.

Early this morning we had 4 Mallards come through and we got into them and we thought we were off and running for a great day. Well, from then, until about 3:00 we seen nothing. Never did see any Canada’s, but the mallards were on the move again. It clouded up about that time and they were right there in that front. We even seen some low flying duck like they were in the area trying to find a field to feed in. Now I am not sure if they come up from the south, making them some birds, that moved in the other day and did stay in the area, or were they some birds that moved in today, and was wanting some field to feed first before they got some water. Either way it was nice to see a flock of about 100 looking at a field. I don’t remember of seeing that one time last year, and it was great to see again.

The weather sounds good for a good day, tomorrow, so we have something to hang our hope on, and I wouldn’t miss it for nuttin

No other news so will close this and get it posted.

Remember the troops, in your prayers this evening and please include their families too.

See Ya Carl

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