Sunday, November 12, 2006

This report has to do for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday, we had no action so I didn’t put out a report, thinking I would put everything on the Saturday. Well when it come to Saturday, and that day is football day, so that occupies a simple man’s mind, and I forgot that we did have a game bag, but there was on report

So here goes on Saturday. Very early in the morning, when you are expecting to have a good duck shoot, we had a single mallard, come flying to our decoys. It just so happens, we had a hunter in the pits that had just received a early Christmas present, from himself. I know his wife and I can’t believe that she even know about this self purchased present, even if he says she does. Anyway he has this new smoke pole. A Winchester Super X3. Well he is just dying to try it out. So since this duck is flying around, trying to find a nice water hole to settle into for a much need nap, Rich stands up and blast it from the sky. He didn’t give us old hunter a fair chance All the time trying to impress us, just how great this new gun fits, feels, and shoots. Why I could have a new one of them Super X 3 too, if I went and bought it for myself, I know I would not hog all the shots with it like he did.

That was the total action on Saturday. We did see some migrating geese in the morning, and did get one flock to break up and give us a look.

As for the action today. It was about the same as yesterday, but another hunter beat Rick to the shot and we had another duck in the game bag. At about noon we did have about 3-5 flocks of high Mallards come pumping through, but had no luck in getting them to decoy.

It used to be, we always had a good amount of action on the week end. I was always lead to believe that the Deer and Pheasant hunters would kick up any ducks and geese that was setting in the fields, thus providing a fair amount of action, for us waterfowl hunters. That just hasn’t been the case this year. I think we have had our worst hunting on week ends, this year.

That is all the news, so remember to say a prayer for all the hero’s that serve our country, tonight in your bed time prayers

See Ya and Check Back


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