Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This was a day of redemption for me, but everything went wrong.

Shortly after legal time, I had got up in the steps to take a picture of the morning sunrise. There was another great one this morning, I think, the sunrises, is one of the reason’s I can venture to blinds every morning, and not, opt for a sleep in. At, about that time, I had the urge to drain off some breakfast coffee, so since I was almost out of the blind, I should just get everything done, and be ready for the morning shoot. I scanned the sky for any ducks, that may be in the area. I seen none, so I proceeded on with the task in mind. I should also say we had no hunters, and only Ralph and I are on the lake. I stepped on out of the blind and I heard a Canada “cluck”, so immediately my eyes went to the decoys in the lake, and was counting them when I heard Pappa Goose say “Carl Get Down” and I heard the “Cluck” again and it was to the north, so as I hit the ground I see a flock of geese coming real low from the North East, looking like they were wanting decoy, to the decoys behind the blind. With this “huge rock” right beside some of the decoys, that did not look too natural, so they flew out. There was about 13-15, in that flock. So I get all my actives done and return to my pit, and was taking a picture of the duck call, pictured above, I will expand on the picture later. Again Ralph tells me to get down and this time there is another pair of Big Boys coming in from the trees right north of the lake. With a little calling they settled in the lake, out of range and out of the decoys. Immanently, they went on a tour of the lake and were never in flushing range, and after about 20 minutes they got up and flew on South. As these two birds were leaving there was another Canada come lumbering in from the North West and landed in the duck decoys. We have them set out about 70 Yards from the blinds so this bird is on the fringe, so he escapes unmolested and it is only about 8:20. Three chances at redeeming myself were avoided, as well as all chances of embarrassment were avoided. We give up the watch early, hoping for a lake full for tomorrow, because we have some hunter to back me up.

The picture at the top is a picture I took of the duck call that Lyle Bohannon gave Ralph yesterday. It is a gorges call made by DOA, and they inscribed on the barrel “LEGEND OF THE OUTDOORS RALPH KOHLER. Also itched into the metal band around the barrel is two ducks, one on each side of the Manufacture’s logo. As I said it is very nice, and a fantastic memento, to set with his trophy’s. Hats off to Lyle, for a great thought.

I am learning all about, “this sight” just as some of you are, so I must pass on the info I have figures out about the picture. You can Click on the picture and it is enlarged and then you can click on the little box and enlarge it again, I think this will make it possible to see the inscription on the call, if I get it attached.

As always say a little prayer, for all the troops that protect this great nation this evening in your bedtime prayer

See Ya


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