Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not as many birds today. In fact the skies were almost void of ducks. Early in the day we had a big push of Sky Carp, of course no decoying, from them.. There was no duck activity to speak of all day long.

We did have a few bunches of low flying Canada’s real early in the morning and if they would have kept that up we would have been on the horn, for reinforcements. Should have been into 4 flocks by 10:00 but, got into only two of them. That is not a bad average to get into 50% of what decoys to you. We had two great shots. One was right out in front and the other was straight up behind the pits, and both were under 40 yards. We could have done a little better job harvesting on the flocks, we did get into. But I can not point any fingers, because I still am not hitting anything yet. That is a serious personal problem, that I have to solve.

The question come up today, just where did all the ducks come from yesterday. The Boss says the come from the Sand Lake reserve. I am going to guess they come from just a very small area in northern Nebraska and Southern So. Dakota. Just in the area that the snow fell in. They are moving only when the weather pushes them out and there was no weather in the northern ¾, of So Dakota to push them. But there was snow in the area I am talking about, and it covered their food so they moved on. Now if I should be right, boy, do we have something to look forward to. If I am right there is a very big area, that is holding birds, that has to come, one of these first days. WHOW. Better get my shooting problem worked out quick.

Be sure to include all the troops in your evening prayers tonight

Check back and we will see ya


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Here's a reminder to all that on Wed November 22, KILLER KARL alias durksrdead(but not by Carl) is turning 70!!!!, so be sure to remenber to send your greetings.