Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well we got into the Canada’s today, and had some hard luck on a couple of other flocks. One flock we had a big combine just across the lake on the shore line, at the very worst time. They wanted in there so bad ,that the combine had not bothered them, when the combine was further to the south, see the blinds are all most to the north end of the lake, and was picking out the end rows, and coming north all the time they were trying to get in. I sure hope he didn’t see them, because if he did, that was sure a dirty trick not to just stop and give us a chance to get a shot.

We did have a pretty good crew today, and we come real close, to a limit for all the day hunters. I think we ended up with 10-11 Canada’s and a hand full of ducks.

The ducks were not as plentiful today as they have been the past couple, three days.

We had Ice again this morning and no wind again for about 2.5 hours, so that always hurts. Later did get a pretty good wind out of the NW at maybe 7-10 MPH

When we got into the one flock of Canada’s we should have harvested several more, but in yours truly case someone must have stole the shot out of my shells. I gave them the (full gun full) and never knocked a bird down. The geese were low and only 30 yds out in front of the pits. I had my eye on the bird I was going on, for a couple of seconds before we went. I thought I would let 4 go by and I would go on #5 bird. He was on the outside, I am sure he was in range, and I gave him everything I had in the gun. He would just not go down. There was a dozen or so birds and we took only 5 out of the group, should have had 8 to all of them down. On the next go around that was a tough shot and I shot only 2 shells and put one of them down. Maybe I can’t hit a close shot????????????

Enough complaining. Please say a little prayer for the troops tonight in your bed time prayer

See Ya Carl

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