Monday, November 27, 2006

The lake was full of ducks and geese this morning, when we arrived for the day. There was no way we could even guess just how many. But the south end was occupied by all Canada’s, and the north end had the Snow and Blues. We don’t know just where the Ducks were setting. Of course this got every one fired up for the day. However they never did give us a shot. The S&B’s we think did come back one time after legal time and there was around 5 to 6000 in that mass.

We did have a couple of go-a-rounds, one on Cacklers and one on Canada’s, totaling around a dozen in the bag. The ducks were not to plentiful, as they were yesterday, but did get into a couple of flock. I think we bagged around 10 of them. Sorry I don’t have a better count on the birds, but I am so down on my shooting, and myself, about my shooting that I can’t remember the numbers as I should. I am putting only one shell in my gun, hoping that will slow me down and I take more time, so maybe I can get my rhythm back.

Not the greatest day but was better than some we have had in the past. We are still looking to Wed and Thurs, when we are supposed to get some colder weather, and it is to be worst up in the Dakota’s.

Back to yesterday just for a while. I did not mention that there was so many Canada’s, that R.K. could not get all then in his note book. Another thing I didn’t say we never took, a border line shot yesterday, they were all prime shots, and I still missed.

Say a little prayer, for all the kids protecting our country in you bed time prayers tonight.

See Ya and please check back


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