Friday, November 03, 2006

Was a short day today. Therefore it is a short report.

Seen a few bunches of Mallards, and several flocks of Sky Carp, but nothing would decoy.

We spotted a small flock of Canada’s in the decoys this morning before legal, so there was some great strategic plans made, as just how these critters would be made nervous enough to rise from the ice and come over our blinds. So with windage, elevations, light calculations, and fear factor all figured in, WE HAD A PLAN We waited for legal time to come into affect, counting down each and every second. Well at 5 minutes 58 and one half seconds, BLST. (that means Before Legal Shooting Time) they got up and flew right over the pits, and we could not shoot. We had one other big boy fly in and was harvested, that was the total bag for the day.

God bless out troops and say a prayer for them tonight, please

See Ya and check back


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