Saturday, November 25, 2006

Well Thanksgiving is over and I have no excuse, for not bring you up to date. Also must tell all of you, that sent Birthday messages and mailed cards, thank you very very much. Must also say that we received around, 80 Birthday greetings, all together. So Thanks again for everything, you made crawling over the hump a little easier.

Thanksgiving day, three grandkids, a Son-in-law, a couple of, real close friends, assembled at the pits for a short morning hunt. We cooked breakfast and had a couple go-a-rounds on ducks, bagging three, before we hit the road, for dinner and celebrations at other locations.

Friday we had one of the biggest crowds, of the season, and seen plenty of ducks and some geese, but never fired a shot. They all had, going some place on their minds and went there, not stopping anyplace. No body in the area decoyed them, so guess we cannot complain.

Today, we had some ducks that gave us some hope, that we were going to get a shot, but had only one pair that got in close enough for a shot. They took only one of them. I think everyone went on the same bird, and the close one flew out.

Please remember, to say a little prayer tonight, for all the boy’s and girl’s that are on watch, over this great country, we love so much.

See Ya and please check back

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