Sunday, November 26, 2006

If you suffer from any sort of depression please, before you read this report, do the following: Hide all sharp instruments, rope, or anything that you may inflict harm to your body, with. For all you couch potatoes, who set home and watched the tube today, YOU MESSED UP, SHAME ON YOU.

There has been day when I have seen a big migration of Ducks, there has been days when I have seen a big migration of Canada’s and of other dark geese. Well today we had it all. Canada’s, Ducks Cacklers Snow and Blues, were in view in the sky at almost any minute, of any hour, for the entire day. When the history of great hunting days is written November 26 2006 will have to go down on one of the very best hunting days ever. If we would have had the hunters we could have set a record for one day kill on Canada’s.

The first wave of hunters that left the pits just before noon, took their limit of Canada’s, and every one walked out tonight, with a limit including the boss. It would have just as easy to fill 30 hunters limits, as it would have been to fill 15 limits. It was a shame we did not have a few more guns. We had them, both in close and often. We were done shooting Canada’s at 2:30. Now these were all Big Canada’s, no Cacklers. Speaking of Cacklers, we had a flock of about 20-25 in on us just before we come in. They were with in great harvesting range, 9 times. And while they were there we had around 1,000 Sky Carp, circling. We didn’t kill the most ducks, but I am guessing we had around a dozen, as well as a hand full of Snows and Blues.

Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of everything today, but my camera battery were dead and with the cloud cover, my flash would go off on every picture, so some great action shots were passed by. A couple of guys took some and I asked them to send me some copies, because there was some shots that I know would be just great posted on this sight.

Have to get this posted, so say a little prayer for all the troops tonight, at bed time.

Also remember I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin.

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See Ya Carl

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