Friday, March 28, 2014

This season is over for us, and a new plan

Only one bird on Wednesday, just have to believe that that the strong winds told them it was not fit to fly in.  Reports of gusts exceeding 50 MPH.  But have to have them days so you enjoy the normal and good day.  

Fair size crew.  One that is armed with a cameras.  He is doing a story on the boss.  So checking the World-Hearld will be mandatory reading, on Sunday.  
Also before the shooting begins and other stories become important.  We are having this farewell party for the Kohler's, on April 7, at Anthony's Steak House.  If you are planning to attend, and not let's us know,  please let Scott Houston, or me know in the very near future.  We have had a very good response but sure there are people that are planning on attending that have not let us know. Anthony's is needing to know so, they have the right size room and enough staff to serve us.  Thank you to all that have responded.  

Friday:  We started off the day with Kevin walking the decoys.  Kicked up three.  Downing two. Percentage wise.  Not bad, but Kev, was not to happy.  Agreed he had a very good shot, but when you are in waders, sticky mud, knee deep water, it is tough job. 
We got into a flock, harvesting four more.  
The last of the reservations have all hunted, and the boss is getting concerned, as time is getting short, getting everything organized for the sale and the pending move to the west coast, so we shut down today.  We have blinds to empty and clean, decoys to get picked up, we have work before us, yet.  
I have been asked what are the plans for this blog.  So there has been a plan put in place that I think  can keep this blog going.  Have not got a commitment from Ralph as of yet.  He is worried how he is going to use up his time out there in Palm Desert.  My hope is to get him busy writing again.  Then his daughters can forward them to me and I will post them on this blog.  The longer we think of this and the more friends, I bring this up to, I always get a very positive feed back and everyone knows there are short stories he has to tell.   To keep the pressure off of Ralph, I know there are many people that also have a story, to tell, about hunting with Ralph.  So let me have them.  My plans is, to have Ralph contribute a story and let's say, I post his story, on the first of each month.  On the fifteenth of each month, we will post a story by a guest writer, or I have a few stories too.  So if you would like to submit a story please feel free to put it together and even if we have not got the blog rolling with this plan yet, I can save it on a flash drive  and post them, if and when we get the boss writing again.   Sure the boss will need a couple three months to get settled in, before he is up to writing, but sure he will feel up to it, some time. As I say get busy and sent me your story.  There should be about 25 stories on the day when we killed the 80 in an afternoon.  Or maybe you have a trip, several days, when you hunted, and those memories, could made a nice story.  As I say, this is just my plans as of right now, and I  have no "yes" yet from Ralph but, I am hoping to do this.  I am excited about this plan and hope it comes together and works out.
Give us a few months to get this to going.  
Well until we get to rolling again, remember the troops in your daily prayers. 
Also please get to putting your stories together.  
Until then, see ya and may god bless all of you, and thank you for loyalty to checking the blog.  Send me some stories.  


Sara said...

Really interesting read!
Would love to hear more stories like that, it's sad to see that you stopped blogging. I know from my own duck hunting gear website that sometimes it can be hard to find topics to write about, but once I start it just keeps flowing.
It seems like you have a lot more stories to tell about waterfowling and hunting in general, so maybe you find the time to write again some day. I will check every now and then.

Kevin Fleeman said...

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